Dietrine Food Supplement Review

Gone are the days when you had to follow a strict diet regimen and work out daily in the gym, since it has become easier to lose weight today. Several food supplements are available in the market to help your body minimize its carbohydrate absorption. Once your body absorbs less carbohydrate, you don’t gain unnecessary weight. While on diet, it is not always possible to exclude all carbohydrates (carbs) from your diet. You, therefore, need a health supplement that allows you to maintain weight, despite carb intake. Among the many health supplements available online, Dietrine Carb Blocker is the most effective and safest.

What is Dietrine? 

Pharmachem Laboratories is one of the oldest and renowned companies in the health industry. Dietrine Carb Blocker is an innovative product from the company. Phase 2 formula is the major ingredient of this dietary supplement that controls your appetite on carb-rich foods. Phase 2 starch neutralizer formula is based from kidney bean extracts, a common compound, better known as Phaseolus vulgrais. The pill not only prevents storage of unwanted fats but also, boosts your energy; allowing you to prolong your weight loss efforts. The carb blocker is 100 percent natural; free from any harmful stimulants and chemicals.

Ingredients of Dietrine 

Besides the major ingredient of white kidney bean extracts, Dietrine is made up of Chromium and Vanadium. Chromium plays an important role in carb-blocking through stabilizing the metabolism of carbs, fats, and proteins. Vanadium helps to improve your cellular metabolism; strengthening your teeth and bones. Chromium and vanadium are vital elements supporting Phase 2 formula which results in Dietrine’s efficiency.

How does the product work? 

Dietrine Carb Blocker with Phase 2 helps to neutralize the digestive enzyme alpha amylase before the enzyme triggers the conversion of starch to glucose. The carbs can, therefore, pass through the system with low calorie intake. Let us understand how Dietrine works in a better manner. The white kidney bean compounds in Phase 2 block conversion of starch to glucose and later fat. As a result, you fail to gain weight from carbs. Research and clinical studies are a testimony to the fact that the Phase 2 starch blocker minimizes starch absorption hence, cutting down on your carbs and ultimately, your body’s calorie intake.


Talking about carbs, they make their natural way through the body; not staying there for too long. Only a few portions of the blocked carbs get absorbed but, these are the adequate amount of carbs you need to stay fit and healthy. Besides, Dietrine acts as an appetite suppressant. It boosts your metabolism to trigger extra burning of fat. According to clinical lab tests, Dietrine has over 66 percent carb blocking capabilities better than other carb blockers out there in the market.

Where to buy Dietrine Carb Blocker? 

Dietrine is readily available online with Amazon and other retailers. You should, however, buy the dietary supplement directly from the official website to avail money-back guarantee and promotions. Buy Dietrine to enjoy all its benefits. Order Now!


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